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Nutrition Facts Label Changes

Helpful Information on the changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel

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Upcoming Changes

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has changed the regulations for the nutrition and supplement facts panels in order to combat some of the health problems in the country and provide people with better solutions. Its goal is “to assist consumers in maintaining healthy dietary practices.”

In addition to material covered in the regulation itself, FDA has also responded to questions and comments from the public. The federal register publication is over 200 pages long, and much of the regulation interpretation can be found in FDA responses to comments.

While the media has focused mostly on the sweeping changes to sugars and fibers in the nutrition facts panels, there are also significant changes to the recommended daily intakes for vitamins and minerals.

A draft guidance published in January of 2017 answers twenty questions about compliance dates, added sugars, and the declaration of quantitative amounts of vitamins and minerals. Other regulations will need to be updated based on the final ruling, “Food Labeling: Revision of the Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels.” FDA has said that these other regulations will be updated at a later date.

Cover of Label Changes Guide

Guide to the Nutriton Facts Label Changes

This guide covers the 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans that the nutrition label changes are based on. It then details the changes in daily values for nutrients and describes the changes to the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts label regulations.

Use the links below to download a digital version of the guide or request FREE printed copies for you and your team. If you request mailed copies of the guide we will also send you a link to download the digital version.

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Digital Version of the guide for you to view and download. Feel free to share with friends and co-workers!

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Nutriton Facts Label Changes Webinar

Cut Through Confusion on Label Changes

Watch this video to learn about the changes to the Nutriton Facts Panel. Alice Wilkinson from Watson Inc. leads the discussion. Also stay tuned until the end for Q&A.

Latest News on the Nutrition Facts Panel Changes

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